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Originally Posted by Wolf427 View Post
So could you guys suggest a good brand to start off with? I'm not looking to spend too much. But if I decide to spend $400, how are G&P? I'm thinking the M4 sentry.
VFC and King Arms are safe bets if you're just starting off. King Arms M4s are pretty good.

G&P makes sexy guns but as others have mentioned and will continue to mention, they often have a lot of troublesome issues such as catastrophic gear failures in the first game or two, or fitment issues with mags, or piston failures. I would ONLY seriously consider G&P if you have free access to a gun doctor (i.e. a GOOD gun doctor who is on your team already) or are up for a challenge and willing to learn how to replace gears and other parts.

You will see a lot of experienced guys running everything from G&P to CYMA but there are often subtle considerations involved that aren't obvious to the beginner -- mostly to do with reliability and mostly leading to mechanical or electrical upgrades/improvements -- that are to be considered to make those guns into "workhorse" guns.

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