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Originally Posted by Kingsix View Post
Dboys have been known for better then average ACM externals and .............. bottom of the barrel internals. Just because something is full metal doesn't mean it'll be strong. Aluminum zinc alloy is my nemesis in airsoft. It's easy to crack and even weaker then plastic.
I'm more interested in the full metal AEG's because of the feel, not really strength.

Originally Posted by MaciekA View Post
I agree with Kingsix's assessment. Buy em and gut em (i.e. completely throw out the gearbox, wiring, and motor), but don't run them stock. I think of them as project guns, mainly stuff like the PDW, where you have traditionally saved a lot over the VFC model. That one has come down in price recently, so the advantage of going cheap isn't as strong.
So could you guys suggest a good brand to start off with? I'm not looking to spend too much. But if I decide to spend $400, how are G&P? I'm thinking the M4 sentry.
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