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Originally Posted by Kuperov View Post
Post up pics! I'll have to show my "East Wind Packing List". Every February or so I lay everything out on the floor to make sure I have it all. It also speeds up "check in" at the event, as the admin can see you have all the required gear by the photos.
I will when my SSH-60 helmet, webbing, Saperka, canteen, and I think mess kit gets in.

Next Month will be getting the Veshmeshok, Plastch-Palatka, AK-74 Sling, bayonet.

Looking into getting M88 Afganka, M69 HEBE, KLMK and maybe Gorka ( if I can fit it in budget)

All I have for now is a M88 Afganka cap (When Gato gives it to me, didn't fit any of the other guys, 6b3 (Aluminum plates for some weight and shape),4 Cell AK74 Mag Pouch and a NSPU 1PN34. (I wonder if they would let me bring my PNV-57E

My Friend has one loadout almost done, M88 Afganka, SSH-60, Full webbing.
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