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Originally Posted by Kozzie View Post
The DL's have a neat prescription insert option If you don't already know but that will certainly put them out of your budget. Something for future consideration perhaps.

The RRV (Rhodesian recon vest) is a good option IMO. Lightweight, flexible and expandable with back panels and packs this is a popular choice among many airsofters. Beware of some of the china made vests quality is lacking. Condor makes a good product for not a lot of money, not military quality but it meets the quality requirements of most airsofters.
Sounds good! Looks like myself and the few friends I'll be starting up with will be getting these masks then, thanks a bunch for the advice!

As far as the RRV goes, yeah I was looking at the Condor ones as I know they're a pretty well trusted brand and have a good reputation. I'm going to visit some Army Surplus stores in Montreal this week to check out some pants and other clothing bits, and if I can find an RRV there (I'll look for Condor as I know one of the stores sells genuine Condor stuff) I'll consider that. Otherwise I'll just order it when the time comes. What are the chances of finding a surplus RRV? Or would these be out of my budget range entirely?
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