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The JT spectra flex 8 (with thermal lens) is a good option for you. There is a lot of room inside for glasses to fit as well as for ventilation to prevent fogging. The flexible face guard will aid in your cheek weld. The downside is that they protrude out from the face which makes it hard to see straight down. These are a modular system so you can replace parts or just simply strip it down and wear only the goggles if needed.

Another option, my preferred system is to pair goggles with a mesh mask. I've had success with Revision desert locust goggles and a small type mesh mask. The mesh breathes much better than a paintball mask which will reduce fogging of your glasses and goggles. The desert locust goggles are a tight fit to the face allowing for better vision. This option is I believe more expensive but should still fit your budget.

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