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Looking for recommendations for first full face mask

Hello all,

I'd like to preface this by saying that yes, I am under 18, and yes, I do own an airsoft gun. I bought myself (well, I did not buy it but it was my money) a G&G M4 Commando a while back as well as a KJW P226. Due to my age, unfortunately, I have not been able to game either of these guns and they have been basically relegated to a small, makeshift basement range and sitting hidden in my closet. Yes, I know, it was dumb of me to buy these guns before I could use them and it was dumb of me to not buy something better later on. Live and learn. Anyways, with that out of the way, I will proceed with my question:

I recently turned 16 and now found that (with parental consent and presence at the event) I am able to attend some Airsoft games held my Taktik in Montreal. Before I do this however, it's vitally important that I get the proper gear together. Finding a low cost chest rig or belt and some combat pants will not be hard, but it's the mask that I'm more focused on.

Obviously I already screwed up in the gun buying department, and I'd prefer to not do the same with the things that will be protecting my face, eyes and mouth, and definitely don't want to cheap out. I do want a full face mask, seeing as as a noob I don't think I've really had enough experience or gained the right to just wear goggles, but Taktik DOES allow the use of only goggles either way.

Does anyone have recommendations for a good brand or model of full face mask or goggles that I could buy? I'm looking at the $70-100 range on this. Keep in mind that I do have glasses so fitting these under the mask or goggles would be preferable, but not necessary as I'm not totally blind without them. I'd also like to be able to aim properly in the mask without the need for a riser (if at all possible).

Thanks very much!


PS: Sub question: for a starting vest or rig, I'm thinking of going with a Rhodesian (I think that's what it's called?). Is this a good rig or would any of you recommend something else?

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