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Originally Posted by B-Jewell View Post
I was thinking more coons ripping up my garden, just the noise of the shot in the air use to scare them off.... but you know I though a bb gun would be a better way to hurt humans than real guns.. -.-
No. Period. Check your local bylaws.

Secondly, never shoot to wound, shoot to kill. Whether it's .22 pellet, .22 LR or whatever. If it's for pest control there are rules and regs around that too. It may be a animal rights case if you intentionally shoot to wound (yes, animal rights do extend to "pests").

Either that or pest abatement such as bear bangers or whatnot (again, check local bylaws prior to using noise for pest abatement).

I highly recommend the Remington Airmaster or a Daisy air rifle for target practise and pest abatement (although this is more for smaller pests, for coons you might have to go to something like a 700 FPS .177 or a high powered .22 air rifle).
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