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Originally Posted by B-Jewell View Post
Hello this is my 1st time on this forum! I must say its rather informative. I would just like to say, I really enjoy the idea of the sport, however I have yet to get on the field.

okay so I'm looking into purchasing my 2nd airsoft gun. I had a cheap Canadian tire one that i shot off for target practice a few times before it started leaking C02 out of the barrel and its now scrapped.

So im looking to buy a pistol. I'm firm on that. It will mainly be used for target practice, cure some boredom, and potentially used as a deterrent. I don't plant to use this in an actual airsoft game.. but who knows things always change. I however would like the strongest one I can find that is legal (under 500FPS I believe). I cant quite nail down the laws regarding steel BB's however I'm pretty sure that's a no go zone.

suggestions, questions?
It sounds like a good quality marksman pellet pistol or BB gun is more your thing, not airsoft. Deterrent? You plan to use this to threaten people in some manner? WRONG thing to do. Good luck with your future firearms-offense criminal code charges, or worse... that sort of comment indicates that you shouldn't be near anything more lethal than a spit-ball straw.

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