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newbie looking for some 1st gun advice

Hello this is my 1st time on this forum! I must say its rather informative. I would just like to say, I really enjoy the idea of the sport, however I have yet to get on the field.

okay so I'm looking into purchasing my 2nd airsoft gun. I had a cheap Canadian tire one that i shot off for target practice a few times before it started leaking C02 out of the barrel and its now scrapped.

So im looking to buy a pistol. I'm firm on that. It will mainly be used for target practice, cure some boredom, and potentially used as a deterrent. I don't plant to use this in an actual airsoft game.. but who knows things always change. I however would like the strongest one I can find that is legal (under 500FPS I believe). I cant quite nail down the laws regarding steel BB's however I'm pretty sure that's a no go zone.

suggestions, questions?
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