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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
I think the best way to read that is the old saw "It's best to remain silent". Not all players can articulate the how and why as well as Brian. For every player like him there are dozens of hotheads. There are many people on this site I wouldn't want being quoted in the press about airsoft.
Exactly, there are a few bad apples that exist in our community that will eventually ruin it for everyone here I wont call them out in the interest of not giving them a platform to perform their spin and asshattery but those who knew me know who I'm talking about. Until the general public can accept shooting sports/hobby as such we have to keep policing ourselves and keep it out of general population the bad press that follow the word "Gun" out weigh the good press like this and the sight of a bunch of guys in military outfit with realistic looking guns still strike fear in the public view, especially with all the anti gun advocates that holds seats in public office.

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