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Originally Posted by Gish View Post
Good article but this one line kind of stands out to me

If we want people to understand/accept what we do why are people still reluctant to discuss it openly. There's nothing for us to hide so why keep it under our hats like in the old days where it was basically illegal to own airsoft. With all the changes to laws we should be more open and vocal to the general public.
In my opinion the more that the general public knows about what we do and as long as we are open the better.
I think the best way to read that is the old saw "It's best to remain silent". Not all players can articulate the how and why as well as Brian. For every player like him there are dozens of hotheads. There are many people on this site I wouldn't want being quoted in the press about airsoft.
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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