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Sorry, I should have specified a little bit - we go by what was commonly issued to line infantry troops The C8 was initially only issued to reg force armour and engineer types (to the best of my recollection....if someone wants to correct me, go for it).

You are partly correct in regards to the C9 and C6. To be 100% accurate they would need some modifying, but the addition of the Picatinny rail with Elcan was actually the C9A1. The C6 would need the standard wood buttstock, but it would also require the correct flash hider. Regardless, it's something that is slowly in the works, but so long as everyone has a rifle they're good to go.

Specific to EASTWIND, the C8/M4 was made a no-go by the organizers a few years back as too many people were showing up with an M4A1 which included a thousand different attachments they had.

Cam's option is also really good too, especially on the wallet.

In the photo Rob posted (and for the entire event itself) we did have helmets with scrim, we just didn't use them much as we were primarily tasked with reconnaissance missions at EW5. I suspect that *may* change for EW6, but as I'm not an organizer I cannot say for sure.

To your joking comment....we've got our functioning alcoholics LOL! I still think we need to bring back rum rations :P

Ultimately EASTWIND is an incredible experience all around. While my personal preference is Canadian (as that's what I know), I was nonetheless impressed to learn all about the WARPAC side during the cultural exchange. Hell, we even got Comrade Kuperov here doing our tour of the East Bloc camp! Whichever side you opt for Gato (I'm assuming you're still aiming for Soviet first LOL) I think you'll really enjoy it. And that goes for anyone else reading this thread too - it's definitely an experience that is like no other.
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