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Originally Posted by FirestormX View Post
To the Canadians: What did you do/do you plan to do about getting your guns down to the US?
I ordered a gun from Evike and had it dropped shipped to one of my team mates. My WE G39 was $217 delivered to KC. I brought down an extra trigger group, a lower speed bolt and the correct sight package for the gun. The orange flashhider was covered with a wrap of black duct tape, bringing it back I put in the higher speed bolt, took off the duct tape and showed the man at the border the online bill of sale with the advertized velocity of 430 fps. I ended up with a very cheap gun that if I sold could have offset the cost to go down.

As you can see by the helmet cam there are some exceptions to total kit emmersion.
Learn this well fellows. Over the years we have seen as many missions blown by shoddy land nav as we have seen disrupted by enemy action. You can be the baddest kung fu ninja assault swat sniper commandos in the world and still fail if you can't get to the fight.
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