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Originally Posted by Basic-Wedge View Post
The only authorized weapons for the Canadian contingent are the C7A1, C6, C9, and also the Browning Hi-Power. Substitutions are simply not allowed, so no FN C1, no C1 SMG, and no C8 allowed. This event aims for absolute accuracy so substitutions and omissions from the kit list are simply not allowed. That's probably the hardest thing for potential attendees to understand. You have to arrive at the event with all the period correct equipment on the kit list, and absolutely nothing else. If it wasn't issued to a soldier in 1989/90, then don't bring it.
I can understand for the C8 as it was adopted fairly late, around 94.

I was asking because the Sterlings were in service from 58-88, though weren't fully removed from use until, more likely, 92-94, with photos dated as late as 98 showing Sterlings being used.

C1s were in service from 55-87, and, again, like the C1 smg, weren't actually out of use until much later than 87.

As I'm interested in doing CF at some point, I'm only clarifying.

If you're insisting on C7A1s simply because you like them and that's what you want your formation to have, that's cool and that's all you need to say.

If you're claiming that it's for authenticity and "realism", then you're incorrect, and also need to fix your "C9" and, if you use the Echo1 M240B as a C6, you need to alter them to fit the layout of their Canadian equivalents. Even with a mix such as that, you'd find drivers, cooks and all manner of support personnel carrying C1 smgs, even within infantry units.

The C9s you need would be a factory standard Minimi with steel tubular stock with picatinny rail on the feed cover, no extra things like heat shields.

C6's are bone stock FN MAGs with wood buttstocks, nothing else.

Regardless, if I go CF, C7 is not an issue and I hope some of my information is useful to you.

EDIT: Also, on something I just noticed, you'd probably like to find some helmets and Flak Jackets for authenticity, unless they're just not on for the photo. Also, scrim like a ma fuka

On a joking level, for authenticity sake, you may also want to make being a functional alcoholic a requirment for a certain percentage of the contingent (We had a serious drinking problem in the CF before they "modernized" and started changing shit, some for the better, some for worse.)
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Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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