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Gato: C7A1 = M16A3 with Elcan optical sight LOL. Quite literally, that's how it was done for us. The only period correct C8 I've come across is the Classic Army M15A2 Carbine (straight barrel, fixed carry handle) otherwise I'm still at a loss since I liked mine....curses that I sold it some number of years back! As for the C1....I'm waiting for a GBBR version :P

FirestormX: Last year we were fortunate enough for the organizers to have lent us AEG's. This year - with the change in CBSA's stance on bring airsoft across the border - providing you have the correct documentation and a blaze orange barrel tip (removeable at the event) there should be no issue crossing the border. I'll have to copy/paste what a friend/teammate posted as his is infinitely more eloquent and has all the exact info. The short version is it is possible to bring AEG's and GBBR's across the US border now. With respect to the website, it is maintained by the EW staff who are (constantly) busy with every other aspect to the event. There is indeed a kit list for the Canadians, it is posted on the EW forums.
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