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Holy crap. What the hell happened here? How did this turn into "im trying to see if my guns turned up anywhere" to a witch hunt?

Guy was just trying to get some closure. He didnt mention anything about the release of liability or anything like that until we dragged it out of him. Now we are all shitting on the guy turning a victim into a perpetrator.

Think about this for a minute of your damn lives. You had a lot of shit stolen from you. You were under duress and signed something you probably should have. Its been eating at you for a while, giving you headache after headache that someone in the community wronged you so greatly. Although you did recieve some compensation for your loss, you still want to know what happened to your property. ASC is a tight nit community so you hope to yourself you can get some closure.

Then everyone shits all over you turning you into the bad guy because you didnt word your posts with as much tact as you could have.

Im not saying blackwidow are a bunch of pricks and ripped the guy off. Mistakes were made on both ends.

Just stop turning everything into a damn witchhunt on here. Theres no need to make ASC into a hate machine like this. All it does is create a shitty community for all of us, and hurt our sport.
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