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"In the end BWP made me sign a contract absolving they of all liabilities in exchange for less than 1/3 of their value"

The guns in the photos appear to mostly have red-tipped barrels. This indicates to me that they are of foreign purchase origin, and likely didn't originate in Canadian retailers. 18+ months ago, tinted frames on pistols were much more the norm, than now with full metal frames. The crux of the question for me, is whether you expected to be paid on the value that you originally paid at a foreign retailer, or the value you expected to be paid on resale reflecting their artificially high Canadian value, minus any consignment fees.

1/3 of the value that you claim to have received, would indicate the latter expectation to me, not the former expectation. The above is all based on conjecture on my part, because you have NOT been clear on the source of these airsoft guns, or what you paid for them vs what you expected to be paid.

As Trev has said already, no one forced your hand in signing a contract to sell them on consignment, and no one forced your hand to sign a release document absolving BWP of further liability related to the theft on receipt of your compensation. The time for a lawyer/bitching about it was then, not now. It's far far too late to do anything about it from the theft angle, or a legal angle, now. All you can do (and are doing) is dragging the cleaned sheets through the mud again, with this thread.

It seems to me that dirty laundry is attempting to be aired again, long after the cleaning bill was signed by you, and paid for by BWP. Shit happened, to both you and BWP. It's time to move on, before you develop an ulcer over this issue.

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