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"In the end BWP made me sign a contract absolving they of all liabilities in exchange for less than 1/3 of their value"

Intersting. The way I translate this, is the company "made" you sign a contract against your will and you are now here trying to get the rest of your money back as you feel you have been scammed and ripped off. Cause the definition of "made" would be by force or some other method. After all you sought legal council and poke to the cops, all of whom could not help you apparantly.

But perhaps I do not have a very good command of the english language, and I must not understand.

Here is the scoop,

1) You have an issue with BWPB and you need to get is sorted out, and not use ASC as your tool to try
2) The guys who are trying to some how capitalize on this percieved issue need to step out as your conflict of interest is so transparent its not funny.

And unless, a year later, you are some how hurting for cash, you might want to go to the "guys who said I should post this" and ask if it was a good idea to go after a company, on ASC, after you signed a contract a year later and try and get the rest of your money back in this fashion.

If you were truely interested in this, you would have just skimmed over the stuff was at BWPB and focused on how this is on the street and stolen merchandise. Simple.

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