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This thread is not a personal attack on Steve Sari or BlackWidow Paintball.
This thread was not created with the intention to re-hash prior hardships that some of you may hold against one another.
This thread was not created for the intent of mud-slinging and personal attacks. I harbour no grudges against any of you and I only wish that you would not be so fast to judge. I will acknowledge the loaded comment I made “Have you had a less the favourable experience with BWP in the past?” but understand having these guns stolen was not an enjoyable experience.

The intent of this thread was simply to get information that individuals such as HackD provided, that he bought a low costing gun similar to the ones that were stolen. I am not going to make any further posts regarding the deal between BWP and myself but I will tell you now I was NOT compensated in full for the value of the guns or what I paid. That business is personal between BWP and myself and will not be posted on this thread.
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