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Originally Posted by Mordarski J.A. View Post
MAYBE you'll capture me....but first you gotta find me :twisted:

I (as well as all the Canadians) made oh....five or six....undetected crossings into WP territory LOL. And I got dead only once, thanks to an admin phone. Good times nonetheless!

Like I said on the EW forums, I'm almost curious to see what being a POW would be like. Just don't expect me to spill everything like Curfman did

Gato: The cost is definitely a pain in the butt. I went down as a Canadian on the NATO side, had most of the gear, and still wound up having to beg-borrow-steal for some of the things at the last minute. There is a wealth of options in the WARPAC retailer section on the EW boards, and everyone's always keeping eyes open for deals.

Yes well, you got away with that because I wasn't there. To be honest, as a reservist, was very tempted to do a Canadian load out, but it's a bit more hassle than I want to go through figuring out what I'd need or building a C7. I have most of the furniture for a C8, problem would be finding a correct barrel for the conversion to a C8 of that era. If I could somehow get a C1 for airsoft, that would help me change my mind.

Maybe down the road I'll assemble a CF kit so I can try the NATO side

Originally Posted by Kuperov View Post
I've not had the luxury myself, but, I can give ya'll an idea as to what it's may or may not be like from a recording taken at a previous East Wind

However, I can say, everyone has it easy since Misha ain't in the Shtab anymore!
Good read and I like how players potentially get a chance to "see the other side" from an angle other than through their sights
Originally Posted by ThunderCactus View Post
Like seriously dude. The incredible lack of common sense in the question could be scientifically investigated for evidence of a black hole.
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