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Not going to take sides here. The owner of Black Widow is a big boy, and can defend himself on the merits/negatives of this conversation. I'm not an active customer of his at this point - my toy closet is full - so i have no reason to be taking one side or the other.

I was aware of this theft, as "Black Widow" had asked me of the origins of a used Mp5 that i had purchased for relatively low cost last October. This tells me that he had the theft, and the interests of the OP in mind, 6 months after the incident in question. He had even asked me to voluntarily bring it in to check, even though the whole situation was now well in the past at that point. I don't think that "sketchy" owners would be doing that.

I'd also suggest that gfh is speaking out of turn/is biased in this commentary. I understand that gfh and the owner of Black Widow had a falling-out of a relationship related to a paintball/airsoft partnership at a local field, so any alluding commentary that "i think he just wants to see justice and it does sound shady and not on plisskins part" should be taken with a pinch of salt. There is a history there, between the two of them.

Beyond that.. the ASC hate machine is fully ramped up on this, and i do think that people should be stepping back, or even keeping out of this shit-storm entirely, and realize that there is 3 sides to every story... we've heard from one side (OP) that is now 18 months past the date of the incident, a grammatically garbled and somewhat unclear rebuttal by the owner of Black Widow - and the unbiased, untarnished truth is likely still out there.

My $0.02. Take it as you will.
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