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Originally Posted by ponyone View Post
blakwidow I dont think that was the sort of professional resolution, the community expected, if you and your name feels shamed or held in poor opinion, Iam sure there is a better way to represent you and your name.

I would hope that if that was me, or one of my friends, I would get more than a "friendly shut up and suck it up"

so that ASC can get a full picture of what is what, could you please update the thread with what compensation you did get, and what you wanted to get.

ummm, a guy from out of nowhere tossed up a post, a year after stuff was alegedly stollen for the airsoft community to judge with zero facts. And yet many are playing monday morning quarter back on Sunday.

Your kidding right? Did you get hit with a thunder "b" today or something?

This post is rediculous, and in poor taste to try and air our his issues with people who have nothing to do with this, dragging in a business.

"....Your life is ending one minute at a time..."

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