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hello to all,
first off to all. some goon did talk all the stuff from black widow and Hamilton Tactical. and to see this person or crew found and brought to justice would be a great help to the store. second RYAN!!!! you know very well you were fully compensated on your product and there was never any talk of insurance to you, so explain why you would make up stories and have them posted on a public forum?? if you recall the conversation at all. you would remember you were asking for the full sale value of the product and you were paid out the monies you spent on purchasing them. You lost no money at all on the situation at hand, but you didn't gain either! just like everyone else that had consignment stuff in the store.
as per the contract that the store has here for people selling stuff on consignment! remember it is your choice and you never sign under duress... it is and was your choice

thanking you all in advance,
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