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Yes, its the exact slide. If I buy from ehobby I would probably just buy all the parts and mags I need at once. So I would probably be spending about 300$ plus shipping/ bounty

I just bought the TM G17 from the same retailer for 310+ tax, instead of buying used because I wanted to support the local shop/arena. I was in there again today with some questions, and they discovered a few metal slides left over in the back. The owner told me the slide was for sale at 120$. Unless they give me some sort of discount for giving them so much money in such a short time, I don't think I could be persuaded at that price. I also bought the display model at full price.. Something about slim profit margins prohibited them from giving a discount...

Honestly I think I would rather buy over seas at this point. I'm in no rush to upgrade my stock gun, and I have plenty of duster, so getting a metal slide STAT isn't a big deal. Also, I was planning on ordering a new recoil rod, hop up rubber, mag catch, etc.. and a few mags from ehobby anyways, so I might as well save on shipping and bundle it all together.

Am I more likely to pay bounty/ tax on a 200-300$ order? Or would you suggest i split up the orders so they remain under 100$, and just pay a little extra for shipping.
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