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If I can get it from overseas without too much of a price increase, I do. I'd even be willing to pay a little more when all is said and done (Shipping, customs, brokerage) simply to keep money out of the hands of the price jacking hyenas we label as "retailers".

I'd run around spouting the "Support community/Canadian retailers!" line, but I won't, since their prices are stupidly inflated for the most part. I've legally imported AEGs for significantly less that retailers sell them for. So at this point in time, fuck the retailers, if you can import it, you're usually better off doing so.
Yeah, that would tend to be my opinion too. Canadian retailers really, really need to adjust the hell out of their prices to stay competitive with the new import regs. One Canadian site has an A&K Mk. 43 up for $580, another for $435. Same exact gun is listed on EhobbyAsia for $289US plus shipping and fees. How in god's name do the local companies think they can still get away with charging what they do?
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