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Originally Posted by Mordarski J.A. View Post
Gato, it only gets worse once you've been there....I can't wait to head back in March! And really, for the "cost" involved ($200 for all nine days - meals included) it is an amazing deal!

Good to see you've made your way here Coop! I'm looking forward to seeing you in about five'll be through a rilfe scope, but I'll see you nonetheless LOL!
Even taking into account the gear:

Sure, you've got to spend some cash to meet the requirements, but, once you meet those requirements, you've met them for all East Wind's to come. If for some reason you fall out of the hobby, you can usually make most of your cash back in the East Wind Marketplace, between other interested players, and players looking to upgrade or replace their existing gear with something newer and shinier.

Thanks for the warm welcome! We will definitely be chatting... in a tent... in the Soviet camp, under a red light, with your gear in a pile in the corner, and the Political Officer standing by to accept your renouncement of your Canadian Citizenship, your NATO Affiliation, and your admission of guilt for the war crimes you were committing prior to our capturing you on the wrong side of the border!
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