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Update re what Brian posted above...

We have fixed the bugs in the forums. As a game host you can now:

1. See and have full control over all threads and posts in the main forum and in each bunker. Drama? DELETE. Also, easy access to each bunker is now available via a drop down at the top of the Comms tab.

2. You can turn on and off "Side Switching Authorization" - This feature allows people to join sides, but makes the game host approve users changing sides. This means the bunkers are secure when this feature is checked off, so people cannot be in a bunker for side and simply switch to another bunker to gather intel. The bug we had was that folks were prompted when they first signed into a side which was redundant.

3. There is a count of how many people are on each side for easy reference

4. The roster can now be printed so it can be used at the field by the host

5. Adding people with admin rights to the game got easier. Now you simply check off people who you want to be able to admin the game on OPS-Center like you do. Uncheck, and admin rights are revoked.

6. Quoting has been fixed
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