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Stolen Airsoft !!

Hey there ASC
About a year ago around Easter time I had the extreme misfortune of having a huge assortment of guns stolen out of Black Widow Paintball. I had to sell off almost all of my collection for tuition, books and accommodations and I ended up losing quite a lot when these were stolen as they were on consignment. I know it seems strange to wait a year but I only recently joined the forums and was told by several members on here that I should post up pictures and details of the guns just incase anyone would have stumbled across them or knows anything about them. I am offering a minor reward for this information. If you happened to have bought one of these guns there will not be any reprecusions against you, I just want some justice
Thank you for the help!

Tokyo Marui
M9 Samurai Edge (BNIB)
Desert Eagle .50AE (two spare magazines in their package black & chrome)
MK.23 SOCOM (in the case, silencer + LAM)
MP5A5 (Systema guts)
MP5A3? (also with Systema & TM internals) Both of these MP5's had extra magazines, magzine clamps, grips and scope mounts (G3 claws)

Mac11 (two magazines, metal silencer and spare bolt)

UTG (I believe)
L96 with replica ACOG (crosshairs, not chevrons)

KJ Works
Sig Sauer P228
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