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Keep it simple is all I can say. Wear what you will be comfortable in based on your playing style... If you dont know your playing style, go play! Youll find out very soon.

Wear only what you need for a game. Focus on mags first, set them up so you can draw them effectively and keep them secure, then a radio pouch, then a utility pouch of some sort for extras.
Get some form of hydration, for short games, a backpack type is ok, but for long ones, cant stand the straps on top of the vest, get a vest with a molle back panel for your hydration to clip into.
Get a padded molle belt for your holster, pistol mags, dump pouch and a small utility pouch for killrag and snacks.
Get other pouches if you have other stuff you need to carry during a game.

CB or Tan is pretty general and blends in well with really any uniform color. I used to run all green, but thats when I ran all green camo, now I switched to CB and it works with anything.

You wont know exactly what you need til you play and figure it out.

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