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After months of taking possession of AEG batteries and GBB magazines, you can understand that not all individuals on AirsoftCanada have expertise in repairing those items, and would not accept returns on items when they are in the possession of a buyer who had a list of excuses of why he couldn't pay $114.

I am not the problem just because the buyer wanted to return items after keeping them for four months.

As you can see the thread for an objective appraisal of this situation, I did not accuse Tremblay in the beginning. It was after two weeks that he said he was going to sell his AEG to fund the $114, which is such a small amount to save up if given four months, that I questioned the existence of his AEG sales ad if he was serious about committing to paying.

The problem starts at the root, and in this case is the buyer, Tremblay. It is not the responsibility of the seller to honor 120 days money back guarantee on the Airsoft Canada non-retail classifieds.

Tremblay is responsible for paying some kind of stocking fee or even understanding why I cannot accept the batteries and GBB magazines for return. He should be lucky that I even accepted returns on anything.
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