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This is quite an epic introduction thread!

Howdy all, my name is Coop (but that was taken, or too short to be used). I've been playing Airsoft here in the States since 2003. I've played everything from indoor, outdoor, sanctioned fields, back yards, single day ops, weekend long games, three day games, up to and including nine day operations, not including the two days drive time each way (But I don't think that part counts!)

So, yes, I am a "dirty southerner", being a resident of the US, but I'm very curious to see and read all about my favorite hobby and how it's played in another country, without being inundated with the kind of noobishness one finds on "global" boards like Arnie's Airsoft.

I'm a goofy guy, and get along with just about everyone. Outside of airsoft, I fix computers, printers, and network equipment. I've even set up some forums too, so it's nice to see how other folks use forum software that I've used before in different ways.

My local forums do this thing where we have to post a pic of ourselves with our intro. Some of us that have been in it a bit longer posted pictures from every year we've been playing. It's nice to look back and get a chuckle at my very first loadout. I hope you guys enjoy it too!


My first game: Woodland Camo, Blackhawk CQB Vest and TM MP5SD5.



Rocking the Civilian Contractor look.


Celebrating with the "McLoadout" after one of my first out-of-state games!


Another worthwhile long drive!


Mixing it up with some US Gear and Opfor Weaponry.

Took a bit of a break in 2009 to finish up my education.


Fort Drum, the closest I've ever been to Canada!


Operation East Wind: The crowning Achievement of my Airsoft "Career"


And last, but not least, me being me at a local training event just prior to East Wind 5.

Hope I haven't bored ya! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing!
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