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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Some Khaki's are very Coyote Brown...some Coyote Browns are pretty brown...etc... Some "OD"s are really green, other more muted, etc... Don't sweat it really. Go with CB. It will work with woodland...and it'll go with a "tan/brown" set of bdu's if you go that route down the road.

MOLLE is nice for options or if you want to fiddle with gear. Some setups are less of a hit to your wallet if you get the platform and then add a few pouches at a time over a period of time (or pick them up onesy/twosies off the classifieds...or at a swap meet).

Rigs with built in pockets are usually designed with what's proven to be a good combination in there's a lot of merit there. They tend to be really well built and will be lower weight vs. a MOLLE rig with all the same pouches.

The Eagle/SKD tactical universal rig is a great one. You'll see RRV a lot (Rhodesian Recon Vest)...Blackhawk calls it a Commando Recon Chest rig or something like that. They're great too.

It's hugely tempting to get asian made cheap clone gear. They're really horribly made and not worth the $40.

Pantac make very decent stuff, with most of their rigs. Some of their LBT stuff have oddly short pouch flaps...but most of it's very well made for what you'll use it for. Don't jump at anything though...because for the same price or maybe just a little more you can sometimes get real gear (Eagle, Blackhawk, Mayflower, LBT, etc...) from the classifieds. And without a doubt the real stuff is much better made.
Really like the Eagle Universal Rig and looks to be a popular choice however it seems to be out of stock everywhere i look. I also like the idea of buying the Eagle MOLLE chest rig and adding what I please.

I will look into the Rhodesian vest and the Blackhawk one mentioned.

After all the replies I will settle on getting a decent vest. Would really like the Eagle Universal rig or something similar.
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