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OK First I'd like to say, thank you for being realistic about what you want and all that.

Also good on you for actually having a sense of distance. Most people would be like "OMG dis FAMAS is da best, itz gud up 2 like 300 metres". TBH I'm horrible at estimating distance and I use things like total stations and such all the time.

As far as the DPMS panther goes, it's alright IMO but nowhere near the quality of a more "competitive" rifle like an Aftermath (which internally are CYMA innards). My girlfriend has a DPMS and it's alright for targets in the backyard and such. I got her a bag of .25g BB's and a 7.4V 12C lipo and it's not too too bad but I wouldn't take that out to a day skirmish or outdoor game (maybe indoor not so bad). I highly recommend the King Arms M4 as a starter but I understand that it may not be everyone's cup of tea (if so and you like AK's more then the CYMA or Echo1 AK's aren't too bad).

Other than that I highly recommend you wait until you have a reliable AEG (and turn it to a DMR) before buying a BASR (Bolt Action Sniper Rifle) with the DMR at least you have the option of full auto whereas with a BASR your ROF is tied to how fast you can cock back your bolt and fire. For now against your friends is OK but that versus a real outdoor day game is a whole different ball game but I'm not discouraging you playing with your friends, it's like riding a road or commuter bike isn't the same as riding a mountain bike and doing single tracks, teeter totters, and drops or whatever.

One other thing I'd recommend is getting a .177 cal air rifle and practise your shooting techniques and try to get as small groupings as possible at say 30 feet. It's harder than it looks and not only that but an airsoft gun isn't going to get anywhere near the same accuracy as a pellet rifle like that.
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