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Originally Posted by -Rooster View Post
, and have been interested in eventually taking on a sniper role.
Piece of advise... Don't. That's what 16-18 year old nubs do. Don't be that guy. I personnaly know only one good sniper and he's been working on it for over 10 years.

Going from CT guns to a nice running BA is like, to use a top gear analogy, taking a baby off breast milk and put directly on to Port.

It's a lot of money and quite honestly there are very few uses for a sniper in skrims or sims.

To each thier own. If you wanted to reach out and touch someone look at a DMR. M16 as a base and build up from there with a full auto sub-gun (Mp7 or MP5) or pistol as your primary (G18?)?

Quite honestly get a good AEG so you can go to games THEN start with some projects.
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