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Risk tolerance,

Originally Posted by Yuxi
Originally Posted by made Man
What's the point of having hurting someone on purpose? I'm not talking about a 400fps from 20 feet. What you described is just stupid... Playing to have fun is one thing, but playing to make someone look like they just had chickenpox...
Don't assume North American airsoft is a world standard. There alot more Asian airsofters who play to their standards compared to our rather small market.
Everyone has a differing tolerance to risk, some people think that playing with waterguns is dangerous, there are some who would not step back from a friendly game with 22short ammo, with vests and helmets.

I have found in my business, (martial arts ) that the tolerance to risk covers the entire spectrum, from zero contact, to full contact, to "all in" and it can change depending on circumstances.

it does not surprise me a bit to find people in the airsoft community who balk at being hit with Hot Guns, while at the same time you have the fellows who wear their "bleeders" as a badge of honor.

It all comes down to your individual tolerance to risk and injury, everyone is different.. and it has to be balanced with your responsibilities and roles off the field.
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