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Tips for A Future Player/Sniper?

I'm a fairly new member on these forums, and have been interested in eventually taking on a sniper role. I've been playing for roughly 2 years with friends, and am starting to get more into the sport. I play regularly with 4-5 friends and I am starting to gain more experience. I'm posting here because there are a lot of open-minded people from what I've seen, and I've got some newb questions.

I've looked through several helpful threads and researched various types of airsoft guns recently, and would say that I'm familiar with the basics. I'm not here to be a know-it all, nor get flamed for being a newb; I'm simply here for some tips and information, so that I can further progress and get even more into the sport.

Now, I'm relatively young at the moment (Going to be 15 in 13 days) and I'm merely looking at options so I'm ready when I can be AV'ed and join competitive games. I currently only own a spring rifle (FAMAS from Canadian Tire) which is effective at about 65 ft. I guess you could refer to it as a mini- DM rifle. Whenever I play with friends, I prefer playing more conservatively, conserving ammo, and trying to stay hidden. I'd say that I'm patient, and willing to wait for a chance to attack instead of rushing in. I have used three AEGs at those battles, a Thompson M1A1 (from CT), a DPMS M4 (also from CT) and a DPMS Kitty Cat M16 from our local army surplus store. They are generally low-end, I would say, but its given me a sort of feel for the game, and certain tactics.

I'm very much interested in taking on a sniper role one day, maybe in 2-3 years. I'm aware of the costs of quality sniper rifles, plus the various upgrades I'd need to put to outrange AEGs when I'm old enough to play. I also imagine it would be very difficult, and frustrating, but I think I'd enjoy it. I've also read many threads that recommend against being a sniper for newer players, to get an AEG instead for a while.

To get to the point, I'd basically like any tips for a player that wants to get serious about airsoft, and a sniper/DM role afterward. I plan on saving up my money for a sniper rifle eventually, but after seeing alot of points made by other members, I'm a little overwhelmed. I don't want to dish out 300 dollars on an AEG if I'll dislike it. I honestly think I'd be more fit as a sniper once I learn how, and it would be something I'd put alot of time into.

What would you guys suggest I do? I think it'd be best to wait until I'm 16 or 17 years old to buy a quality gun, rather AEG or a BA. Right now, however, I'll continue to play with my 4-5 friends, and improve (hopefully).

So basically, if I want to learn more about taking on a sniper/DM role, what steps should I take toward it? When should I invest in a better gun? Should I wait a while and play some more games before deciding?
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