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Originally Posted by Yuxi
Originally Posted by made Man
What's the point of having hurting someone on purpose? I'm not talking about a 400fps from 20 feet. What you described is just stupid... Playing to have fun is one thing, but playing to make someone look like they just had chickenpox...
Don't assume North American airsoft is a world standard. There alot more Asian airsofters who play to their standards compared to our rather small market.
No, North American ETHICS are valued by the UN or alliances such as NATO or NORAD (not to mention the North American governments).

Its the fact people hurt other people just because they want to.

What I said earlier: If violence and airsoft are associated in other countries, Canadian politicians could catch on to this and lead to a ban for airsoft in Canada.
Sure, North America and the Phillipines have different customs. Give me one good reason to associate that with the issue. It is COMPLETELY irrelvant. Putting INJURY and AIRSOFT together won't just affect the country in matter. I'm sure the idea that airsoft CAN cause injury CAN lead to some sort of ban on Airsoft in Canada or North America for that matter.

I'm sure North America wants individuals running around with airsoft rifles that can potentially cause bodily harm AND resemble real firearms, right?
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