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Talking To Each His Own

Sounds painfull. I have had many positive experiences in my life directly linked to pain, so I can understand the allure. Little more risk, little more reward..

Personally I have alwas wanted to try out scenarios with Simunition. Can't get it or the gun adapters up here unless you are police or CF. Even then it's pretty tough.

I have a friend in North Dakota who is operational as a Seal (not sure what outfit) and he says he would love to start a simunition leauge, but the costs are prohibitive. Simunition shells are sometime more expensive then real ammo, and on top of a real wepon, you have to but the adapter kit to fire the Simunition etc. Would be a rich mans game.

Hurst pretty bad but people still want to do it. Personally, I think loud concerts (Van Warped Tour) constitute a fair amount of physical damage and pain, but I still go..:-)
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