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i have been following that thread from the start. he hasn't done any changes to the original design, he's just making copies of the parts out of better materials.
it's nothing more than a band-aid solution, and a more expensive one at that. nothing has been done to fix the issue with the side lock plate that holds the bolt in the carrier. though it may take longer to happen, the possibility of either the side lock plate, carrier or the back of the bolt braking is still there.
there is also to problem of the bolt wobbling around and hitting the gas port on the front edge of the bolt catch, when the carrier is all the way to the rear and the bolt is extracted from the barrel extension. thats why i only use plastic bolts in my gun. a metal bolt gets nicks on the gas port from striking the bolt catch, and then the rubber seal on the mag gets chewed up.

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I was going to say something similar to this.

However, take a look at this:

Read through it, and maybe go on the same path he is?

If you do, I would definitely pay for a complete steel internal set for a WE GBBR
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