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Thank you for reading my thread. I now know how my father feels whenever I listen to his war stories. His was real.

answer(s) to some questions:

1. My apologies for posting this tread to the ICS bible page. Two years ago a bought an ICS (for display...yup!). However last night, I got this crazy idea of "why not upgrade it" project. That is how I found your site.

And then I read erp saying that Filipino's ride their guns hard. It made me smile...lay back as memory started to flash before me.

Thanks erp. I needed that. Maybe it is time for me to go back playing airsoft. :salute:

2. Goggles - you'd be crazy not to wear a full face mask.

3. VipaMave - ...defeat the purpose of Airsoft: please do not get me wrong with my answer. We all have our own opinion. However:

Please do not generalize it. What is true to you may not be true to others. The fact is we belong to a different culture. Therefore we have a different taste(s). Why do you think "the running of the bull" is such a famous sport in Spain and not the rest of the world?

The thing is, in the Philippines...if you shot someone, for example, in the arm or in the hands and he bleeds...and he knows you are the one who shot him…after that the safe can even approach him and ask for a cigarette. Believe me, he will turn to you, smile, give you a smoke and tell then you - "nice game" or "nice one". You don't even have to apologize. Some people are even offended when you apologize to them.

...the sport may be band...

The Philippine Army opened a site in Fort Bonifacio for Airsoft Players. Even real soldiers play airsoft. Airsoft is a biggie in the is like baseball here - every weekends. And there is no need for a waiver. One time RSGC had a game and we saw a father and son team. And the son is only 10 years old. What strike me most is that when everyone was not shooting at the kid…he yelled and said “play fair.” Seriously!

My theory is...all it would take for the sport to be band here is a simple law suit coming from someone who got hurt playing the sport. People who try to fit into the sport that is obviously not for them.

people who does not what to get hurt playing the sport should just play "counterstrike" at home. Hell, just by running from cover to cover you can trip and get hurt.

However, we all have to make sure that our sport stay alive. It is our duty and responsibility to others who love the sport as well to make it so. If your club or organization calls or ask for an FPS limit. Abide by it. It is there for a reason.

4. Yes…I now live here in the States. And yes…I played airsoft here already. But again…don’t get me wrong…I still prefer to play the kind of Airsoft Game I used to know back in the Philippines. It is different….it is almost real. A different level. I remember I use to ask myself…”what if everything was real…I would be dead by now” only to find out that everyone was asking that same kind of question.

5. damage – kamusta pre! Ayos ba tayo dyan.

Again guys thanks. LIVE WELL AND LIVE STRONG!
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