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Originally Posted by gmeyer View Post
Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to ask everyone what the prime characteristics of the absolute, ultimate airsoft gas powered weapon would be. What I'm looking for are the functional characteristics of what is important to the airsoft community. Please try to exclude names of any particular manufacturer or brand. There is a reason I'm asking this question...I have a full CNC shop and casting company available to me, a 14 year old shelf company and am looking for my next entrepreneurial adventure. Further, I'm looking to create the next best thing to airsoft here in Canada!

So, please, chime in and contribute to the development of the worlds finest, airsoft, gas powered fun.
I'm not sure you'd find much success in your business endeavours aside from making custom parts and accessories as constructing anything to do with the lower (restricted) receiver may land you in legal hot water.

Having that said, and provided that your company has fully understood the legal complications of manufacturing firearms - are you planning on developing a completely new system, or building on top of one (WA/WE/KJW) with custom enhancements?

If you can develop a gas rifle that can shoot sustained full auto without an external air setup, while maintaining reliability, realism, and affordability - you will corner the market, but this is common sense. Stick with building rifles that aren't currently covered by manufacturers. AFAIK, there hasn't been an actual M249 or LMG (aside from Daytonagun kits) made with a gas system yet.
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