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Originally Posted by Caelum View Post
I'm thinking of replacing the frame as soon as possible (preventative measure)
Don't do this. Your acting as if you just bought an all plastic WE....The gun is going to last you quite a while out of the box, and all your doing is spending money when it does not need to be spent. Use the gun and when the frame does break, repalce it then. its not like if the frame breaks the gun has to be thrown out or anything. Might as well get a little return on the gun rather then spending more out of the box.

(with propane, trust me, your gonna get the duster, and your going to quickly move to propane, they can handle propane, and once you try it, you will never, never go back to duster. The duster is way, way to weak on the gun. I used duster for literally one round and went straight to propane.....but if you want to give it a shot, do a search for " 134a " and you will find a thread I made last year on where to find duster in the GTA)
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