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TM G17 questions

Well I am looking at buying a TM G17 from my local airsoft store, and I love the way it feels in my hand, but I have some hesitations. I have read just about every review I can find, but most are box openings/ first impressions, and the rest seem to focus on the problems. Is it really woth the money?

Everywhere that I look, I hear that the slides and frames break on these guns fairly quickly. The front posts in the frames crack and shatter, and this is amplified when using propane/ the cansoft version of the frame.

If I buy it, I plan on using duster (does anyone know where to find it?), until something breaks, then trying to order a guarder frame (even these are said to break), provided I can find a seller in Canada.

Does anyone know who on ASC to buy the frame from?
Is there a brand frame that is more durable?
Note: I know of the JB weld fix, and that does not seem right to me. I want to be able to upgrade what ever part I need, and cementing a piece in place seems wrong.

I was wondering how accurate and far reaching these guns generally are, with a tight inner barrel, and some other basic upgrades.

Any comments are welcome, although I would like to hear from first hand owners.


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