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Originally Posted by Danke View Post
If you're not your brother's guardian you can't sign off for him. This isn't a case of M4 vs. AK where opinions count.
Then I failed to be clear. I said. I DON'T WANT him on a field.
I said before: People below 18 years old SHOULD NOT be allowed on the field.
I don't want him to be on the field, trust me.
I said he could be accepted.
I also said that it's NOT something you can judge quickly.
Therefore, I said he MUST NOT be allowed.

Originally Posted by Ricochet
It's a legal issue
To what I'll refer to what I just said: [...] and ensure no legal issues will be raised [...]

I was just trying to bring my point of view in a more ''fashionable'' matter, another side.

I clearly failed.

I just wanted to start posting some things so I'm not a total unknown guy once I try to go on a field.
I hope next time we agree on something
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