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Sadly you're right. That's why I should reread myself more closely before posting

Let me retry.

What I meant is, even if I consider from what I have seen and read on the net, particulary this forum, that my younger brother COULD be allowed on a field and not stir trouble, people below 18 years old SHOULD NOT be allowed on the field.

Because while a lot of people may know rightfully or wrongfully, and I'm not excluding myself from the wrong, someone younger that they think would not cause trouble, it's up to the leaders to decide if it's true. And, excluding the fact that the leader could disregard safety for money, it takes a lot more time to judge if someone is ready for a field, than it takes for an unfortunate event to happen.

When I specified I know my brother's behavior with safety from many years, I meant it's something you CANNOT judge quickly. I never meant to say he was better than anyone else.

That is the reason why an age cap MUST exist. Not everyone after 18 is safe enough for the field, but it filters a lot of people prone to pose problem, and ensure no legal issues will be raised if an accident was to happen.

I hope I'm clear enough this time :-)
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