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they have playsites with FPS limit and there is the no limit means you can maxed up your AEG. hmmm........Fun.. this is fun for them only if you can Endure Pain! If you don't like, don't play. As simple as that. If you got welts all over your body, its more like a show and tell. Phillipines has the highest percentage of airsoft players ranging from all profession compared up north. I know a priest from my old hometown who plays airsoft. Unlikely, isnt it? Airsoft is "old" in the Phillipines. Its been been around after the Japanesse introduced it. Like I said, airsoft used to be gas back in the days not the usual AEG's you see or hold right now. We all know that its pretty crazy how Filpinos play airsoft with such power on their guns. Not only that, there are other countries who allows powerful AEG's. Call me crazy but I want to play with them but I be better off playing with the standard limit. This is pure challenge not like the usual airsoft game up north like "others" think their Rambo. I think it makes it a little realistic where you use your head extensively to survive the game and how long can you last. Correct me if I am wrong in some areas Jonglory. I also represent my filipino pride and hope I make sense here... peace!
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