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Your not wrong about your brother being possibly mature enough, or that youths should be taught weapon safety. However that isn't the point. I don't care if a youth shoots an airsoft gun while being supervised by his parents; but shooting at another individual, or getting shot at is a legal liability matter. No amount of intelligence or maturity can circumvent that fact. It has nothing to do with maturity, experience, wisdom, attitude, ability, etc.

I would rather play airsoft with my younger brother whom I know is mature, and will always follow the safety rules, than some of the rejects I've run into on the field. This is not an attack kids thread, and ASC's eighteen plus general policy is not because we don't like them.

The youths coming into airsoft will be our airsoft future, and need guidance. They also need to have understanding and respect. It's funny that an excited and "apparently mature" youth will disagree that they should have to wait to play airsoft. This only reinforces the maturity issue, as true maturity "only" comes from understanding and experience; and although not all maturity and experience is equal when crossing the age of majority line, it "is" our national legal standard.

In fact the only issue that matters in age versus airsoft (and it's been said numerous times before), is legal age. Until there is a regulating body for youths in the sport, to enforce adequate safety gear, adequately safe game areas, adequate amounts of referees, etc; then it's mostly just kids that don't have the maturity to understand they "have to wait", airsoft fields that make money off of risking kids, and "mostly" parents that don't understand the risks and who signed a document that put their kids safety at risk. Not to mention you now have someone on the field who has no legal liability to themselves shooting projectiles at others.

Who has the right to perpetrate this situation? The answer at the moment, is no one. Until there is a legal safety standard for kids and airsoft to control minimum gear requirements, FPS limits, safe areas to play, etc, then it's just what it looks like. I don't know what's worse, the parents who put their kids at risk, or those who fill their head with fluff saying that there is no risk, and make money off of it.


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