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Originally Posted by kkelln View Post
I dont really know much about airsoft myself, I am just learning (trying to find out if i should buy a C-TAC L96 pro or a C-TAC APS2 pro) but on the note of becoming a sniper. I do know about the CF ( I am assuming you live in Canada) to become a sniper you must join infantry do multiple reconaissance missions and show an apptitude for aim on the range. You will then be eligable to be enrolled in sniper school. So keep practicing, practice your aim and may become a sniper
No... Just no...

If you really wanted to practise your precision shooting you'd get yourself a pellet gun (if not something like an Anschutz target rifle), they're inherently way more accurate especially when you use like 7.9gr (~.50g) match grade pellets and they fire 495 FPS out of the box. If that doesn't do the trick then get a PAL and buy yourself a high powered .22 pellet gun and use 15+gr ammo (~1 gram).
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