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Unfortunatly living in the Comox Valley airsoft is not as popular as we would like it to be which leads to the main hurdle of finding a place to play. Not to mention the organizing of a group that can opperate within all rules of the law. Something we tried but as was brought to our attention we failed miserably. Fortunatly we ceased all opperations without any accidents or lawsuits. There are organized groups on the island however it is usually atleast a 2 hour drive to where current games are being held and not everyone has the time or transportation to attend.
Forgive us for attempting to create a group in which we could get out and play more often than once a month. Everyone involved is very new to airsoft so mistakes are bound to happen. Fortunatly with all your help we are able to learn from our mistakes to help create an enjoyable and legal airsoft group.
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