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Originally Posted by чума View Post
Don't fill this thread with spam, please.
Well we were on topic of age...a teenager was talking about how he works 10hrs a week and the older guys were wishing we were young again. This topic of age in airsoft has been raised for 11 years on a monthly basis. You think it would have be glaringly obvious by the fact that ASC has an 18+ Policy for a large portion of the website!!!!!!

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I cannot believe this thread has not been locked away.
You sir are no fun

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I disagree.

Everyone is unique, but that does not make them special. They are unique as there is only one copy of themself in this world.

I agree with the rest you said.
Lol, Fox you are very correct sir.

Originally Posted by Vewdu View Post
+2? How about a +4?

So back on topic with useful information on "How old should you really be" It all depends. and is readily found all over ASC. The common rule is you need to be over 18 years of age to own airsoft.
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